Mall management software

Location NDA
Our role Development of: MVP
Working project
Project Duration 2018—2020
Type of Work Time & Material


Operating large shopping malls requires an all-inclusive and streamlined management system. Our client, a major shopping center, needed a single, unified platform to manage a vast array of operational facets including potential and current advertisers, lease contracts, payment schedules, and space allocations. The necessity to visualize information not just in tabular form, but also mapped onto a mall layout, was vital to understand the mall’s dynamics and manage spaces efficiently.

Challenges and tasks

Designing and creating a comprehensive system that could integrate with a multitude of other systems and sensors used in the mall presented a formidable challenge. It was necessary to incorporate functionalities for Wi-Fi service integration, tracking visitor movement, and unauthorized Wi-Fi installations. Additionally, managing mall advertising carriers, including their map locations, current advertisers, placement dates, and availability, was crucial.


We developed Estimelle, a versatile platform with a user-friendly web interface that houses all the data and processes it at the backend. Via an API, the system communicates seamlessly with other systems, ensuring a fully interconnected web of information and functionality.

Estimelle integrates with Wi-Fi services like Cisco and Aruba, supporting triangulation to track visitor movement. This feature gives mall management invaluable insights into foot traffic and aids in devising strategies to drive visitors to specific areas.

Estimelle also allows for comprehensive management of all advertising carriers within the mall’s premises. A visual representation of their location, alongside key details like the current advertiser and availability dates, simplifies the advertising management process.


With Estimelle, our client can manage their property effectively, leveraging data to make informed decisions. The system alerts administrators to existing issues such as arrears or problems relating to specific leaseholders.

Additional features

Beyond the administrative side, we also developed a navigation app for the mall’s visitors. With this application, visitors can map their path to any shop in the mall, access contact details, and visit the shop’s website.

In conclusion, Estimelle revolutionized the way our client manages their shopping center, increasing efficiency and providing both a comprehensive overview and in-depth insights into their operations.

The technologies we have used: