Virus removal and websites recovery

Location Ukraine
Our role Virus removal, consulting
Project Duration 2018
Type of Work Time & Material


Our client, a legal firm, faced a serious issue when their server was hacked. Numerous websites hosted on the server, including the client’s own site, suffered damage and lost functionality.

The Challenge

Our primary task was to identify and rectify the malfunction. We were looking for server logs, installed plugins, and suspicious files that could be the source of the disruption.

Our Approach

We conducted a thorough review of the server logs and the list of installed plugins. All unknown and suspicious plugins were removed. This task extended to inspecting file structures on the server and several other websites hosted on the same platform.


We successfully restored the server’s functionality, and the damaged websites were brought back online. Most files were recovered, and additional security measures were installed on the server and the client’s site to prevent similar issues in the future. The client’s website resumed its normal operation, and the enhanced security setup offered improved protection against potential future attacks.

The technologies we have used: