Powerfull avatar generation tool for SEO agency

Location NDA
Our role Development of:
Proof Of Concept
Working project
Project Duration 2019—2020
Type of Work RnD


Every day linkbuilders create lot’s of profiles on forums and websites. They fill profile details, upload avatars and warm up accounts, so admins won’t delet them and posts they create.

But for several tasks, there was a need to create lot’s of accounts on different forums and sites. And all those account should loke like if they were created by the same person. This person should have the same face, but pictures should look like if they were taken in different places and at different conditions. And those photos must be unique.

Solution and results

After small research, we have stopped on NvidiaStyle Gan 2 architecture. We have created prototipe, made several geenration and understood that this architecture can solve our problem.
We have created a client server app, so many users in company could use it. In user interface we have created control panel, which allowed linkbuilder to create male/female character and bunch of different photos of him.


The technologies we have used: