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Automated bulk file translation tool

Location Great Britain
Our role Development
Project Duration 2019
Type of Work Time & Material


Our client operates a comprehensive SEO department where professionals regularly generate content for various geographical regions. This led to a daily requirement of translating over 100 pieces of text, sometimes even more, across different languages. This operation, albeit simple, was time-consuming and inefficient when performed manually via Google Translate.

The Challenge

Our task was to streamline this process, saving valuable time and energy for the SEO and link-building professionals within our client’s company. The challenge was to create a tool that could perform mass translations while minimising errors and ensuring high-quality results.

Our Approach

We developed a simple Python-based application that operated as a standard .exe file on Windows. The user-friendly interface allowed users to upload files (or specify a folder path), indicate the source and target languages, and select an output folder for the translated results.

Once initiated, the program would automatically translate each text and save it as a separate file. It worked in the background, freeing up users to attend to other tasks. Upon completion, the tool provided an alert and a log showing whether all texts were successfully translated or if there were any errors.

Solution and Results

With the new automated tool, we transformed the translation process for our client’s team. The application optimized efficiency, ensuring rapid, accurate translations, and significantly reduced the time spent on manual translations. Not only did the application improve productivity, but it also provided a superior system for error tracking, further enhancing the quality of the team’s work.

The technologies we have used: