WebSites Deployer

Web service for mass and rapid deployment of websites

Location NDA
Our role Development of:
Proof Of Concept
Working project
Project Duration 2018—2020
Type of Work RnD Web development


Our client needed a specialized tool, which will allow him to quickly deploy 50—100 websites a day. We had to create complex system, which will give an ability to setup website to specific server with random or exact theme, plug-ins, configure Cloudflare and NGINX settings.

Solution (what was done)

We have created a system which:

  • deploy WP and Joomla sites to multiple hosters;
  • add special set of plug-ins;
  • install themes;
  • automatically setup NS and IP configuration on domain registrars, hosters and Cloudflare;
  • change parametres of Apache and NGINX;
  • can quickly reinstall website or delete it.

We were making software requirements, design mockups, MVP and several enhancements after that. Current system is a web application. Back-end was made on PHP, Front-end was made using React and Yii2 Framework.

The technologies we have used: