Health Watch

Websites & servers healthcheck system

Location NDA
Our role Development of:
Proof Of Concept
Working project
Project Duration 2019—2020
Type of Work RnD


While developing Websites Deployer, we found that we need to monitor health of that enourmous amount of websites and servers. For this purpose it was desided to create monitoring system.

Solution and results

We developed a custom website health monitoring system that allowed the admin to monitore websites and set time periods for health checks. The system could automatically retrieve the list of websites from WebSites Deployer or allow the admin to add websites manually. In case of incidents, the system sent email notifications to the admin. Also it can send messages to selected telegram addresses. The admin could also view the history of each website.

Our solution helped the client to detect and resolve website incidents in a timely manner, ensuring the continuous availability of their websites.

The technologies we have used: